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How We Work

Step 1: the character is drawn with crayons

Step 2: the character is worked with 2D animation

Step 3: the character is finished with 2D animation

Bomar Studio is a creative hub where a diverse range of professional figures, united by the desire for research and experimentation, meet in an ever-expanding network of collaborations. The common threads that in Bomar Studio combine contemporary art, cinema and new technologies are the high level of creativity and the constant observation of the current context. The projects currently under development are all creations of artist Marco Bolognesi, whose passion for 1960’s science fiction films and strong affinity to the aesthetics of the Ready-made have been translated into contemporary art as well as animation cinema.

Bolognesi focuses the development of his artistic research on the creation of a futuristic parallel universe that comes to life through the use of mixed media and techniques ranging from animated drawings to photography, from video footage of his dioramas made of recycled materials to life-size installations.

Step 1: making the plastic of Sendai City

Step 2: green-screen shooting of Sendai City

Step 3: Sendai City is animated with 3D technique

The unique and experimental method employed by Bomar Studio combines 2D and 3D, unsophisticated quasi-artisanal techniques blended with the most cutting edge digital technologies: the artist selects hundreds of stills from classic sci-fi movies, which are then reworked by hand and recomposed digitally. Marco Bolognesi’s unique style entails the reassembling of the chosen frames into an incredibly complex mash-up which is printed, frame by frame, overpainted by hand with pastels, digitised and animated. In this way the “recycled” sequence, which is derived from the original movie but decontextualized, results in an entirely new narrative structure.