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Blue light and incessant rain, spaceships whizz across the sky as beams of light from the great guardian robots patrol the earth. An immense city opens up before us, cyberpunk and half-blood or half-breed: it is Sendai City. Huge posters of fabulous half-naked and armed women stand out on the buildings praising victory against the “rebels” to guarantee peace.

Sendai City wants you.
The city wants you and owns you, every citizen is implanted with a cybernetic passport that tracks their movements and actions: security in exchange for control.
The Big Brain, deus ex machina of the world-city, watches from behind his monitors. A threat looms: the rebellion is reorganising, but the new army corps created by the Great Brain is almost ready: the C.O.D.E.X. Blue are coming. Science fiction and postmodern, Blue Unnatural tells a world where personal freedom is nullified and persecuted, where propaganda communication feeds on the oxymoron of armed peace and the workers, deprived of identity thanks to masks that are all the same, work on an assembly line to build robots with female features that will destroy anyone who opposes the law of the multinational Sendai.

With Blue Unnatural I created a dystopian world, another reality, a distorting mirror placed in front of our society. A warning for our species.
Cyberpunk is a genre that develops in specific and past time periods, managing, however, to outline contemporary and future elements and topics (such as that of the relationship between man and machine). Thanks to this literary trend, we have become aware of how technology is not always positive for humans and, indeed, can become harmful.

The machine is our present, the future is being realised and is bringing to the forefront issues that had already been foreseen by sci-fi and cyberpunk fiction. Telling the future projections of these issues is equivalent to discussing contemporary ones, conceiving the “politics” of art as a social analysis.

Together with Dystopia, No one is innocent and To be Unnatural, the story of Blue Unnatural does not attempt a narrative based on dialogue, but brings to life a mood.
Images, situations, quotes and posters. Great weight is given to this form of narrating emotions, in which the element of the voice-off acts as a glue. Alongside the other three short films mentioned, he created a single film of an entire 60-minute cycle consisting of images, sound sensations and creative use of editing.

FESTIVAL International Preview: Linoleum International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival, 2017

FESTIVAL National preview: Cartoon film festival, 2017

MUSEUMS International Preview: IV Italy-China Biennial, Metamorphosis Plastic Factory Cultural Park, Beijing, 2017

MUSEUMS National Preview: The film of the day, MACRO Asilo, 12 June 2019

AltFF Alternative Film Festival, 2020, CANADA – Winner

Canadian Cinematography Awards (CaCA), 2020, CANADA – Winner

ARFF Berlin International Awards, 2020, GERMANY – Finalist

FLICKFAIR, 2020, ON DEMAND – Finalist

Austin After Dark Film Festival, 2020, USA – Finalist

Couch Film Festival, 2020, ON DEMAND – Semi-Finalist

Vienna Science Film Festival, 2020, AUSTRIA – Semi-Finalist

ROS Film Festival, 2020, SPAIN – Semi-Finalist

Milan Blackout, 2021, ITALY – Official Selection

Mr. HoleHead’s Warped Dimension, 2020 – Official selection

Blu-Hill Film Festival, 2020 – Official Selection

Paris Short Film Festival, 2020, FRANCE – Official selection

MP Film Award, 2020 – Official selection

CUZCO underground cinema festival, 2020 – Official selection

The Film Contest, 2020 – Official selection

San Francisco Another Hole in the Head Film Festival, 2020, USA – Official Selection

20th Kansas International Film Festival, 2020 – Official Selection

International Arts Film Festival, 2020, UK – Official selection

TAKE UNICO Festival, 2020, Brazil – Official Selection

Top Indie Film Awards, 2021 – Official Selection

Best of Latin America Short Film Festival, 2020, ARGENTINA – Official selection

First-Time Filmmaker Sessions, 2020 – Official Selection

The Lift-Off Sessions, 2020 – Official Selection

The Film Collective, 2020, ON DEMAND – Official selection

Bucharest Film Awards, 2020, HUNGARY – Official Selection

NICE International Film Festival, 2020 – Official selection

Future film festival, 2017, ITALY – Official selection

Hybrid festival of intermediate arts, 2017, ITALY – Official selection

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