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The Studio

Bomar Studio is the production house that was founded by Marco Bolognesi in 2006 in London and moved to Italy in 2017.
It began as an art studio, mainly focused on contemporary art, and then also became dedicated to the production and distribution of animation and experimental cinema.
During the London period the company managed important exhibitions (and events), ranging from one in collaboration with Olyvia Kwok of Olyvia Fine Art in London, to the Chicago Art Fair in the United States onto the Casa Masaccio in Italy, developing collaborations with Italian organisations such as the Solares Foundation of Parma.
The common thread that unites everything, in Bomar Studio, between the world of art and that of cinema and new technologies, is the high rate of creativity and attention to current contexts. In what could be considered a creative hub, a crossroads of professionalism with an expanding network of collaborations, experiences spanning many years unfold together with the desire for research and experimentation.

In 2017 Bomar Studio built its headquarters in Italy, transforming a former factory from the 1950s into a cultural, productive and multidisciplinary space (repeating the experience successfully carried out by Bolognesi in London with the famous 3 Mills Studio) and strengthened relationships and partnerships with the subjects and institutions of the Italian art world. In the same year, with an experimental and avant-garde animation technique, this marked the first short film by Bomar Studio: Blue Unnatural (directed by Marco Bolognesi), which received numerous mentions and official selections at national and international festivals.

The short film, presented at the Future Film Festival 2017 in Bologna and still in circulation three years after its first release, is the winner of the AltFF Alternative Film Festival and the Canadian Cinematography Awards in 2020 (Canada), finalist at FlickFair, semifinalist at Vienna Science Film Festival. In total, at the moment, it is in the official selection of more than 25 international festivals: from Berlin (ARFF Berlin) to Latin America (Best of Latin America Short Film Festival), from Bucharest (Bucharest Film Awards) to Tokyo (Tokyo Lift- Off Film Festival) in Nice (NICE International Film Festival).

In 2019, Bomar Studio continued its activity in the art world, conceiving and taking care of all the logistics and organisation of the 15-day performance entitled Foreign Bodies for the Macro museum in Rome. In the same context, in collaboration with the Museums of Bologna and Arte Fiera, he created Past- Future within Bologna’s international event Art City.

Bomar Studio promotes and distributes its contents through the art market, festival circuits, television broadcasters, film distributors and multimedia platforms, configuring itself as a highly creative production house that wants to unite the world of art, cinema and new technologies.

The artist

Marco Bolognesi was born in Bologna in 1974. He is an Artist and director of experimental films and he divides himself between London and Bologna.
As a director he presented in 1996 his first animated docufilm, a short film commissioned by RAI, Giustizia e Verità, in the out of competition category of the Giffoni Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival. Subsequently, in 1997, the second short film with the same technique was released, Il Partito del Silenzio, also commissioned by RAI, was presented and introduced, together with the first work, by the highly eulogised and legendary Ennio Morricone at the esteemed Palazzo Delle Esposizioni in Rome.

In 2008, in honour of the film of the same name, Marco Bolognesi published his book Dark Star, which aroused the interest and appreciation of the film’s director, John Carpenter. Also in 2008, Bolognesi published the short film Black Hole, on the theme of cross-breeding and cyborgs. The film won the Indie Short Competition award in Florida and also received a special mention at the Rome Film Fest and the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. In the meantime, he received a huge response as an artist, with the Artist in Residence Award at the Italian Cultural Institute in London in 2003 and with the Woodland exhibition (created in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood) to which a subsequent monograph was also dedicated; in the same year Bolognesi’s work was purchased and exhibited from the Farnesina collection (part of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), for an exhibition entitled Experimenta.

Housed in three different London galleries, the exhibition continued in 2012 with, among others, the European Photography Festival, where it presented Humanescape, created in collaboration with Bruce Sterling and Jasmina Tesanovic and was curated by Walter Guadagnini. For four consecutive years he received an invitation to participate in the Biennale China – Italy of Contemporary Art where, in the last year, he presented a selection of artistic short films. In addition to the editorial publications related to the work of the artist, Protocollo (Protocol) was released in 2009, a graphic novel ‘cyberpunk’ published by Einaudi, the result of a collaboration with the writer Carlo Lucarelli.

In 2014, with the Sendai City: To the end of the future, exhibition. Marco managed to combine his artistic and audiovisual productions of the previous ten years. At the same time Bolognesi’s works continued to be exhibited throughout Italy – from the personal exhibition at the Kunst Meran – Merano Arte, at the Palazzo dell’Arte in Naples (PAN) to Bologna, where he collaborated with The Robot Festival, Bologna’s Cineteca, the cultural group ABC and the SetUp contemporary art fair.
In 2015 he participated in the Biennial End of The World contemporary art in South America.

In 2017 he undertook various collaborations with several museums in Brazil and opened the Curitiba International Biennial with his exhibition Sendai City: The Truth, whose works became part of the permanent collection at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum. This South American journey lasted until 2019, the year in which he created a performance for the Macro museum in Rome, entitled Strangers’ bodies.

The idea behind the short film produced by Bomar Studio and directed by Bolognesi Blue Unnatural (already mentioned in the “The Studio” section) derived from the exhibition on Sendai City.
During his career in the art world, Marco Bolognesi built an imaginary universe called the Bomar Universe, which is both the origin and final destination of his creations. A bible illustrates its birth and history, from antiquity to the future. In 15 years of production in the field of photography, drawing, sculpture, installations, performances and cinema, all his creations, or rather “creatures”, are born and belong to this universe. Each of them has its own meaning, role and history within the Universe.

Marco Bolognesi, together with the director of photography Daniele Ciprì (who has been in love with this project since 2017), dedicates himself to audiovisual productions related to the Bomar ecosystem, ranging from short films, to feature films, to serial products. The products boast unique artistic animation techniques and an imaginative mash-up of animation and shooting techniques.

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