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Messaggio alla Terra: Arrendetevi! is an experimental film that was developed from an idea by the artist Marco Bolognesi and his passion for science fiction films of the 1960s; a remix animation work that combines animated drawings with shots of models made with recycled material.

Bolognesi’s world as a contemporary artist with twenty years of international experience, meets that of Daniele Ciprì, one of the most popular cinematic men on the scene, not only in Italy.
Faithful to the themes of science fiction films of the 1960s, they chose Antonio Margheriti’s cinema as their starting material: a quote and a tribute to an Italian genre director whose films, especially horror and sci-fi, have taught Italian and overseas cinema.

We are on Earth in the not too distant future, humanity rejoices in the construction of a new orbiting station. Only a few perceive the presence of a major, yet unidentified threat. They are the participants in a séance at Madame’s home, a notorious psychic who evokes the spirit of her late husband, who alarms those present with cryptic premonitions that confirm the fears already highlighted by Professor Fulcy, an elderly scientist ostracised for his ideas. eccentric, as well as godfather of the torturer Eva.
But reality is very different from what it appears!


Messaggio alla Terra: Arrendetevi! is a project created ten years ago by the visual artist Giuseppe Zironi with the aim of telling the story of Eva. A story that speaks of love and of a woman who imagines a world that, in reality, does not exist at all. Over time, Eva has become one of the characters that I have decided to include in Sendai City.
The initial text has been reworked a lot from the initial draft and the character has changed significantly. From a weak woman like she was, Eva has become a person with a strong character and Nazi traits.
The dramaturgical structure of Messaggio alla Terra: Arrendetevi! carefully follows the division into three acts of the classic comedy.

In the FIRST ACT the state of affairs is exposed, the situation of apparent calm that precedes the tragedy. The characters have a well-defined role and are in a quiet state. Eva, the protagonist, suffers from a strong lack which she will try to remedy throughout the story.
In the SECOND ACT, the invasion by a ferocious alien force breaks the order. The world as it was known is in danger of destruction. Several characters die, other internal forces take advantage of the chaos and Eva must find new solutions to her old problem. The ultimatum to Earth and the imminent risk of defeat are the point of maximum despair reached by the protagonists.
The THIRD ACT tells of the desperate enterprise of a few for the salvation of all and coincides with Eva’s effort to redefine her own practical and emotional role. The EPILOGUE offers the last elements for the interpretation of the story, finally revealing the unsolvable conflict of the protagonist.
In Messaggio alla Terra: Arrendetevi!, Eva is Eva’s dream. In the film the viewer sees what she imagines.

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