Orlando Galaxy



Orlando Galaxy retraces and focuses on the figure and path of Orlando in Ludovico Ariosto’s poem Orlando The Furious, transfiguring characters and narrative settings immersing them in a dreamlike future, a world of purity and symbolism.

This film is about Orlando blindly falling in love and his loss of reason due to his unrequited love for Angelica. From this fulcrum a profound reflection on the concept of love is articulated as opposed to that of the realisation and awareness of the individual.

The dream world will be inhabited only by women of a post-human nature.

Director's notes

Orlando Galaxy will be the first Bomar Studio feature film to be shot with real actors.

The film is inspired by the photographic project Orlando The Furious – The siege of Paris that I made in 2014 for the group exhibition Orlando The Furious Contemporary art read by Ariosto organised by the Palazzo Magnani Foundation.

In the feature film we will create a strong contrast between the futurist characters almost in black and white and the settings, which will be natural places in the region, represented in their full uncontaminated and free beauty,

without any human presence to characterise the historical era and context.

In these scenarios where nature is the protagonist, non-human individuals will move, created and inspired by the composition of the tarot cards, in which each element depicted corresponds to a symbolism and tells a character and a character trait. The use of prostheses will be a significant element in the construction of the character of post-human characters as well as the use of tribal elements, designed to emphasise the atavistic and animal part of the human soul: ultra-humans will never lose their instincts and emotions.

A further characterising stylistic element will be linked to the fact that all the protagonists will be played by women. As in contrast to the rules of the Elizabethan theater in which they were forbidden to act and where the female parts were entrusted to young boys. In this film, however, it is “forbidden to use men” and it becomes mandatory to use only women. As if the imagined and dreamlike future led us to a world where men have become extinct, where their traces no longer exist.

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