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2022 | 60 minutes | Italy

Undream is a multimedia performance written and directed by Marco Bolognesi, and with original music by Riccardo Nanni. A collaboration that merged Marco Bolognesi’s unique cinematic style and Riccardo Nanni’s sophisticated sound processing and live music. Produced by Bomar Studio and 7 Floor s.a.s., the project was made with the support of Cineteca di Bologna and L’Immagine Ritrovata.


The narrative is set within the “Interzone”, an unspecified place without time or space. Dr. Kelly, the protagonist, is deprived of his memory for reasons that remain mysterious throughout the development of the story. Three enigmatic characters gravitate around Dr. Kelly. They attempt to manipulate him by contriving fictitious reasons why it was right for him to stop remembering. Nevertheless Dr. Kelly’s memory slowly resurfaces, fragments of conversations and memories become increasingly clear as a dark truth emerges from the mist of the past.


Undream is an art project, a work in progress, born from the idea of reworking some films that were destined for the scrap heap. It came about from the desire to alter the original narrative of the selected films in order to write a new story.

“I am interested in taking different films and manipulating their structure, physically intervening on the frames, using different painting techniques”.

The figure that underpins the entire project is that of William S. Burroughs, who is considered a prophet of the most radical artistic revolutions of the second half of the 20th century.

“In writing the narrative and the dialogues, it was fundamental for me to work both on William Burroughs’ texts – inserting at some points the actual voice of the master of the Beat Generation – and on Cronenberg’s screenplays (Crash and Naked Lunch), while also trying to draw inspiration from the films donated to me by the Cineteca di Bologna”.

Undream is a non-place, a physical and emotional state that has no precise location, it is almost non-existent without being dreamlike. It is inspired precisely by Burroughs’ Interzone, narrated in his books, especially in Naked Lunch.

National Preview: X Ed. Art City – Cinema Lumière, Bologna, 2022

Category: Experimental, Cine-concert

Genres: Experimental film

Language: English (Sub. Italian)

Format: Digital 2K

Target: Adults

Director Marco Bolognesi

Writer Marco Bolognesi

Producer Bomar, 7floor S.a.S.

Original Music Score Riccardo Nanni

Sound Design Riccardo Nanni, Rocco Sarno

Filming Super 8 Alberto Gemmi

Movies Dialogue Selection and Editing Gaia Stella Sangiovanni

With support of: Cineteca di Bologna, L’immagine ritrovata, Art City Bologna, ArteFiera, 7Floor S.a.S

More credits

Musician Tommy Graziani, Eros Lolli, Fabiola Ricci, Rocco Sarno, Daniele Bagni, Pino Dieni, Riccardo Nanni
Voice Fabiola Ricci